DMG’s LuxaPost in first place!

12 August 2015

The American research & education journal
THE DENTAL ADVISOR recently tested the radiopacity of a variety of root posts.*
The pleasing result: DMG’s LuxaPost came in first place (together with another competitor)!

A clearer X-ray picture gives dentists more peace of mind as they work. The accuracy of fit can be better controlled - and a precisely fitted root post can help to prevent tension and possible fractures.

DMG offers a whole system of fully compatible products for carrying out post-endodontic treatment. Alongside the LuxaPost, this includes the premium composite LuxaCore Z-Dual and the dual-curing adhesive system LuxaBond-Total Etch.

Further information about the test conducted by the DENTAL ADVISOR can be found online in Research Report No.70, available here


 *THE DENTAL ADVISOR, Research Report No. 70, June 2015