"Preferred product" with best ratings: LuxaCore Z-Dual from DMG.

11 June 2015

LuxaCore Z-Dual, DMGs Premium Composite for core build-ups, has once again received the best rating given by the professional journal, The Dental Advisor:
5 pluses (+++++)*.

LuxaCore Z's decisive advantage is its authentic dentine feeling. The mechanical properties of the material are similar to that of a natural tooth. The dentist cannot feel any difference in the transition from dentine to the material during the preparation and his hand moves smoothly. This ensures controlled substance removal as well as a precise preparation line.

In addition to top rating, LuxaCore Z also received the title "Preferred Product" from the Dental Advisor. The Preferred Products are comprised of a selection of preferred, "highly-rated" products that acts as a decision-making tool for dentists worldwide.

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* THE DENTAL ADVISOR, vol. 32, no. 01, January – February 2015