Dry Coat

Light-curing varnish

  • High gloss, lasting, hard surface
  • Eliminates polishing
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Highly resistant to denture cleaning solvents
  • Easy to use

Dry Coat is a light-curing one-component varnish and surface sealer,
coating of temporaries, customized impression trays and orthodontic plates.

This varnish replaces the conventional polishing process and creates a high gloss as well as hard and abrasion-resistant surface. In addition, it protects from possible discolorations. Dry Coat thus guarantees a highly esthetic appearance of temporary crowns and bridges.

Highly esthetic surface finish with Dry Coat.
Highly esthetic surface finish with Dry Coat.


1 Bottle @ 30 ml REF 829197