• Great variety of shades
  • Excellent sculpting properties
  • Medium viscosity
  • Single and multi-color layer technique
  • Natural fluorescence
  • Excellent polishing properties

For all cavity classes

EcuSphere-Shape is a reliable universal composite for all cavity classes and is an excellent partner for EcuSphere-Shine.

Outstanding mechanical properties, such as high compression strength and abrasion resistance, combined with user-friendly processing features make EcuSphere-Shape a modern restorative material.

Combined with EcuSphere-Shine, EcuSphere-Shape becomes an important component of highly esthetic restorations.
The large selection of 11 VITA® shades, an opaque material, and the possibility of combining it with three different transparent enamel replacement materials facilitate restorations with a lifelike appearance.

Initial situation – cavity class III.
Initial situation – cavity class III.
Reconstruction with EcuSphere-Shape A3.
Reconstruction with EcuSphere-Shape A3.
Initial situation – cavity class I.
Initial situation – cavity class I.
Reconstruction with EcuSphere-Shape A3.5.
Reconstruction with EcuSphere-Shape A3.5.
Features Benefits
Comprehensive shade selection based on VITA® Easy and reliable color selection
Flexible handling Single-color layer technique
Multi-color layer technique
Can be combined with EcuSphere-Shine
Perfect mechanical properties High strength
Long-lasting, fully functional restorations


1 Syringe @ 3 g
Shade A1 REF 220334
Shade A2 REF 220308
Shade A3 REF 220299
Shade A3,5 REF 220297
Shade A4 REF 220347
Shade B1 REF 220335
Shade B2 REF 220336
Shade B3 REF 220337
Shade C1 REF 220338
Shade C3 REF 220339
Shade D2 REF 220340
Shade D-A3 REF 220291
20 Safetips @ 0,3 g
Shade A1 REF 220327
Shade A2 REF 220309
Shade A3 REF 220307
Shade A3,5 REF 220298
Shade A4 REF 220346
Shade B1 REF 220328
Shade B2 REF 220329
Shade B3 REF 220330
Shade C1 REF 220331
Shade C3 REF 220332
Shade D2 REF 220333
Shade D-A3 REF 220292