• Natural fluorescence in six shades
  • Low polymerization shrinkage
  • High fracture and abrasion resistance
  • Outstanding color stability
  • Low allergy potential
  • Suited for long-term temporaries

The temporary crown and bridge material for natural esthetics

Perfect mechanical properties

Due to its high surface hardness Luxatemp is extremely abrasion resistant and maintains the vertical relation. At the same time it is easy to cut and polish. With its high fracture resistance Luxatemp is extremely tough and therefore well-suited for long-term temporaries as well. The material’s low polymerization shrinkage ensures a tension free fit of the temporary.

Natural esthetics

The fluorescence of Luxatemp-Fluorescence allows the temporaries to reflect light the same as natural teeth in all light conditions. Therefore, Luxatemp Fluorescence is available in six fluorescent shades all of which exhibit outstanding color stability.

Furthermore, Luxatemp is easily polished to a high gloss finish or, even easier and more hygienic, it can be varnished with Luxatemp-Glaze & Bond. In that way highly esthetic results can be obtained offering a reliable preview of the final result.


The ideal solution for all temporary restorations: TempoCemNE, Luxatemp-Glaze & Bond and Status Blue


1 Cartridge @ 76 g
15 Automix-Tips
Shade A1 REF 110585
Shade A2 REF 110586
Shade A3 REF 110710
Shade A3,5 REF 110587
Shade B1 REF 110588
Shade Bleach Light REF 110589
Economy Pack
5 Cartridges @ 76 g
75 Automix-Tips
Shade A2 REF 110712
Shade A3 REF 110713
Shade A3,5 REF 110714
1 Smartmix-syringe @ 15 g
10 Smartmix-Tips
Shade A1 REF 110718
Shade A2 REF 110719
Shade A3 REF 110720
Shade A3,5 REF 110721
Shade B1 REF 110722
Shade Bleach Light REF 110723

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