Light-shielding tray

  • Impervious to light
  • Prevents premature polymerization
  • Disinfectable
  • Reusable
  • Convenient chair-side use
  • Exchangeable inserts
  • 5 large numbered wells
  • Anti-skid feet

Light protection in its highest form.

The attractive LuxaTray is designed for preparing, mixing and temporarily storing light-sensitive solutions and restoratives. This sturdy, non-skid accessory is easy to clean and disinfect and its inserts are replaceable and scratch-resistant.
The instrument-friendly form of the five wells matches the angle of the Heidemann spatula for more user comfort.
The light-shielding cover is easily moved with one finger.

LuxaTray – innovation in form and function!


Ideal for light-sensitive composites and solutions. For temporary storage of ceramic masses and for veneers before cementation.




1 LuxaTray REF 213014
10 LuxaTray-inserts REF 213059