• Optimal adhesion and removability
  • Thin film thickness
  • Automatic mixing and direct application

Temporary cementation of provisional and permanent crowns,
bridges, inlays and onlays

TempoCem NE and Luxatemp: the dream pair for temporary restorations.
The temporary luting cement is eugenol-free and therefore suitable for all temporary restorations, regardless of whether the definitive cementation is conventional or adhesive. Thanks to its very thin film thickness (under 20μm!), TempoCem NE provides a precise fit.

TempoCem is also available with eugenol and as TempoCem-Soft specifically for the cementation of high friction multi-part bridges.

Seating a temporary with TempoCem NE.
Seating a temporary with TempoCem NE.
Removal of excess material after setting.
Removal of excess material after setting.


1 Cartridge @ 60 g
35 Automix-Tips REF 110272
2 Smartmix-syringes @ 11 g
20 Smartmix-Tips REF 212104
Package TempoCemNE-Handmix
1 Tube @ 85 g base
1 Tube @ 25 g catalyst REF 110137
1 Automix-Dispenser Type 25 1:1 REF 110253
50 Automix-Tips Blue 1:1 REF 110266
50 Smartmix-Tips Short REF 212040
100 Automix-Tips Blue 1:1 REF 110267

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