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"If you stop getting better, you stop being good"

True to that motto, research & development traditionally have a high standing at DMG. And in the 

company’s history this has led to many groundbreaking new developments. 

It is therefore no surprise that currently 20% of the approximately 300 DMG employees work in the research and product development division.

Some DMG Milestones:

1974 – Start of the composite production

1978 – Revolution: sealed, self-activating amalgam capsules

1985 – Patent for compomers

1990 – Luxatemp, the first temporary crown and bridge material from the cartridge

1995 – The first company in the dental industry to receive ISO certification

1997 – Introduction of a new impression technology: Honigum with rheologically active matrix

1997 – Market leader in the US with Luxatemp

1998 – The first cement worldwide from the cartridge: PermaCem

1999 – Fully automatic mixing device for impression materials: MixStar

2004 – Premium luting cement with patented application form: Vitique

2006 – DMG branch office in Beijing

2006 – Introduction of LuxaPost, the first DMG root post

2009 – Icon, the first product to help correct incipient caries through caries infiltration – without drilling.

2012 – Inseparable: PermaCem 2.0 provides secure self-adhesion to zircon.