Welcome to our online training department

We are pleased to be able to offer you a very special service here in the e-learning area. Here you can find educational videos that not only discuss the advantages of DMG products but also interesting scientific principles and their importance in the practice.

The entertaining tutorials are all divided into several short chapters. Your guide through the e-learning program is no less than Dr. Felix Wöhrle, the head of DMG’s training department, and expert in clear, easy to understand teaching methods.

The e-learning area will be continually expanded with new videos.

LuxaCore Product Training: Core Build-Ups with the LuxaCore Family

With the premium composite LuxaCore Z, the composite root post LuxaPost and the LuxaBond-Total Etch adhesive system, DMG offers dentists a carefully coordinated post-endodontic system for core build-up and post cementation. In this video tutorial, Dr Johannes Löw leads you on a practical exploration of the depths of the root canal. The video presents various aspects of a successful endodontic treatment, from essential dental knowledge to the advantages of a stable “monoblock”, as well as the specific characteristics of the LuxaCore range and what this means in practice.

Honigum Pro Product Training: Impressions made your way.

The precision VPS-material enables unparalleled flowability under pressure - AND outstanding stability when pressure is not applied. Even the smallest spaces such as the area beneath the preparation line are reliably reached.
Honigum Pro thus reliably delivers the most precise impressions.

This video tutorial with DMG’s training manager, dental technician Detlev Salz, shows how these intelligent flow properties support dentists. The video also explains what is behind the “rheological active matrix” and takes a closer look at the scientific basis of hydrophilicity, toughness and other important aspects.

Flairesse: Professional prophylaxis in the dental praxis

Flairesse is DMG’s fresh new system for professional prophylaxis. With the Flairesse system, there is a specialist on hand for each step: A paste to remove coatings and discolorations. Gel or foam (as you prefer) for fluoridation. And a varnish for desensitizing.

This video explores the key concepts and scientific principles behind prophylaxis in depth, and shows what advantages Flairesse offers both the dentist and the patient.

PermaCem 2.0: Reliable self-adhesive luting even on zirconia

With PermaCem 2.0, DMG is introducing a completely new generation of self-adhesive luting cement. PermaCem 2.0 provides outstanding adhesive strength to zirconia - and other materials - without the need for separate etching and bonding steps. The secret lies in the special adhesive monomer formula, which enables superior natural self-adhesion.

In this video, Dr. Felix Wöhrle explains the different categories and capabilities of cements, the meaning of adhesion and the technology behind the astonishing material properties of PermaCem 2.0.

Icon: Infiltration of white spots lesions and proximal caries

Treating White Spots esthetically? Arresting proximal caries early without drilling?

The answer to these challenges: caries infiltration with DMG's Icon.

In this video tutorial with Dr. Felix Wöhrle, we take a closer look at the innovative but extremely simple method behind Icon, as well as caries detection in general and the different demands presented in proximal and smooth surface areas.

Product Training Constic - the new 3 in 1 flowable

Etching, bonding, filling in one step: possible with Constic, DMG's self-etching, self-adhesive flowable composite.

Whether for small restorations of class 1, underfillings or fissure sealings -- Constic enables you to save treatment steps and thereby benefit from increased safety during application.

Constic achieves excellent bond strength values on enamel and dentine, and furthermore helps to prevent postoperative sensitivities.In short: the 3-in-1-flowable is faster, easier, safer.