When dental health moved into British Parliament…

15 November 2016

Dental-Event im Parlament

On November 3, children’s health was the exclusive topic on the agenda in the British Parliament. In the conference room of the British “House of Commons”, there was a major debate on the topic of “Saving Kids Teeth: How can we make the most difference?”

The main aim was to draw attention to deficiencies that need to be changed. For example, the fact that 46,000 children are taken to hospital each year in Britain to have their primary teeth removed under full anesthetic – and the consequences that this has for the healthcare system.

150 dentists and dental students from London and the surrounding area were invited. The prominent speakers included the Vice President of the British Society of Paediatric Dentistry and the person who initiated the event, Dr. Linda Greenwall (foreground left).

This leading London dentist is the founder of the Dental Wellness Trust. DMG has supported the work of this charity, which focuses on dental care for children in South African townships, for many years now. As one of the results of this collaboration, Dr. Greenwall presented a special treatment strategy for sealing fissures in children’s teeth with the DMG flow-composite Constic.

An entertaining conclusion to the event was provided by Dr. Milad, the “Singing Dentist”. He reported on his positive experiences with his YouTube song parodies aimed at promoting the importance of dental care and regular dentist visits to children and young people.

To find out more about the charitable work of the Dental Wellness Trust, visit: http://dentalwellnesstrust.org