3D the way I want it: fresh opportunities with DentaMile connect

01 September 2021

Want to produce bleaching trays with efficiency and precision using 3D printing? Prize-winning software developed by DMG makes it all possible – with the first cloud-based 3D workflow specifically designed for bleaching trays. The innovation will be unveiled at the IDS 2021 event in Cologne. See for yourself.

Easily create bleaching trays
The new workflow incorporated into the software enables the simple and efficient design of bleaching trays. Whether for individual teeth, partial tooth areas or complete rows of teeth, the new workflow enables you to make precise bleaching trays with every advantage of modern 3D printing – including exact reservoir designs.

The perfect material: LuxaPrint Ortho Flex
LuxaPrint Ortho Flex is the ideal material for precise bleaching trays via 3D printing. It is elastic yet stable; its outstanding recovery properties ensure the bleaching agent remains where it is most effective. The extreme tear-resistance and fracture resistance ensures maximum stability and longevity.

Flexible usage model, integrated approach
DentaMile connect software offers four needs-based usage options. You decide for yourself which range of services suits you best. This makes it easier to benefit from a validated digital workflow, even without your own 3D printer!

Alongside the software and the high quality materials, our comprehensive DentaMile range includes a high performance 3D printer and coordinated post-processing units.

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