Dental help for children in Myanmar.

14 August 2018

For most people living in Germany, cleaning their teeth and regular visits to the dentist are normal parts of everyday life. Unfortunately, this is not the case in many countries around the world. This includes Myanmar, formerly known as "Burma", in Southeast Asia. Because of this problem, dental students from Witten/Herdecke University have been involved in a dental health project, which works with the children in Myanmar, since 2009. At DMG we support this aid project as one of the main sponsors.

Another four-person student team will shortly be making it’s way to Myanmar to provide practical on-site dental assistance to schools, preschools, orphanages and hospitals.

For Tom Kovalev, Saskia Beyer, Lisa Sophie Reder and Moritz Staiger the journey will begin on August 19th in Frankfurt. After a stopover in Bangkok, the group will be met in Yangon, Myanmar by a Ministry of Health employee, who is a dentist himself.

Stays have been planned in Naypyidaw, Kalaw, Mandalay and Bagan, where the team will work closely with the Myanmar Foundation, which has been working with underprivileged children and young people in Myanmar since 2000. At the boarding school in Bagan, which was built by the Myanmar Foundation, 100 talented girls and boys from socially deprived families will receive dental care. Then it's back to Germany on September 10th.

We want to say thank you in advance for such amazing commitment and are delighted to be supporting this initiative.

More information on the dental Myanmar project is available here: