DMG and Caritas: Pleasing outcome for the dental clinic.

06 November 2017

Die kostenfreie Zahnambulanz der Caritas Hamburg für Bedürftige wird von der DMG Dental-Material Gesellschaft unterstützt

At DMG, we have been supporting the mobile dental clinic run by Caritas in Hamburg for some time now. Well over a year ago, Caritas expanded its dental assistance services to include a stationary practice for homeless people in the former harbor hospital. Once again, we are helping by providing materials free of charge and we are delighted to see the assistance being so well received.

Positive response

According to feedback from the Hamburg Caritas association, 348 patients have already been treated this year. The mobile clinic have proved very popular with patients in need—so popular, in fact, that appointments are normally fully booked four weeks in advance and Caritas is thinking about extending the treatment hours.

We are delighted to see this positive development and will gladly continue to support this exemplary project in the future.