DMG China supports children’s dental health

05 September 2017

In den letzten Jahren engagiert sich DMG China insbesondere für die Zahngesundheit der Menschen in den abgelegenen Gebirgsregionen Westchinas. Zusammen mit der angesehenen Hilfsorganisation „Serve for China“ werden dort Zahnpflegekurse abgehalten und zahnmedizinische Behandlungen vorgenommen.

DMG has been committed to public benefit activities for a long time, and in the past years, DMG China has been actively involved in oral health care courses and practical help for people who live in the secluded mountain area of west China.

Prophylaxis in Huan

This summer, DMG China together with “Serve for China”, one of the most influential commonweal organizations in China, and 21 dentist volunteers, went to 5 primary schools in Huayuan, the secluded mountain area of Hunan Province, to give the children oral health care courses and to administer Flairesse free of charge.

The main aim was to let the children know how to protect their teeth, how to reduce oral disease and to provide material, financial and practical support for the local dentists.

“Oral disease is a big problem in the backward areas, we have given and we will still give our best to let the children pay more attention to oral health care from their childhood,” says Jiansheng Zhu, Sales Manager East China. “We cannot change the world, but each little thing makes the world a better place”.