DMG in the service of primary teeth

25 September 2017

This year, Germany’s dental health day on September 25 is dedicated to the youngest patients. The aim this year is to work together for strong primary teeth.

Dental health in German children is actually on the increase. According to the recently published 5th dental health study, eight out of ten 12-year-olds are now caries-free. The number of children with no caries at all doubled between 1997 and 2014.

We are delighted with this positive development. And at DMG we will carry on doing our best to keep children’s teeth healthy and make going to the dentist a pleasant experience for children.

Preventive healthcare with a sweet taste: Flairesse

In Flairesse, DMG is supplying a prophylaxis system that is ideal for treating children. Not only do paste, gel, foam and varnish clean and protect primary teeth with Xylitol and Fluoride, mint, melon, and strawberry Flairesse varieties ensure that prophylaxis comes with a pleasantly fresh taste too.

Challenges and possibilities of „Pediatric Dental Clinic“ are the topics of an highly interesting clinical user report by German dentist Sabrina Dogan.

No need to fear the bur—thanks to Icon

Nobody really enjoys the sight of the dentist’s bur— children even less so. Thank goodness that infiltration treatment with Icon makes it possible to gently put a stop to caries in the early stages, with no drilling required. An option that patients are very grateful for.

Restoration made easier with Constic and Ecosite

Sometimes, however, there is no way to avoid the notorious “hole” in the tooth. Then restoration is called for. And of course, especially for children, this needs to be as quick and simple as possible.
With DMG’s 3-in-1 flowable composite Constic, etching, bonding, and filling can be performed in one step. This eliminates additional treatment steps and saves time in smaller restorations. Our bulk-fill composite Ecosite makes reliable restorations up to 5mm as good as effortless: in one step, with no complex layering, minimized shrinkage stress, and very easy handling.

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