DMG in the service of the good cause: Dental help for South Africa.

15 March 2018

In cooperation with Western Cape University and the Dental Wellness Trust, DMG has set up a comprehensive public health project. In the townships of Cape Town, where the poorest of the poor live and have very limited access to medical care, a pilot project will investigate the extent to which regular fluoridation can reduce caries frequency in these areas.

At DMG, we support this exemplary project with high-quality materials from our Flairesse prophylaxis family, and we also hold the scientific leadership.

The first examination and treatment week took place in February. Here, a total of 400 children were examined and treated at two elementary schools in Kayelitsha. The head of clinical research at DMG, Dr. Ing. Susanne Effenberger, Dr. Marcus Cebula and PD Dr. Michael Wicht from the University Hospital Cologne as well as Dr. Linda Greenwall and her team from the Dental Wellness Trust have been taking part in this.

We are pleased to be able to provide active assistance here and will continue to report on the current status of the project.