DMG supports dental aid for Myanmar.

28 August 2017

It is often hard for us to imagine that in many regions of the world, dental care is largely unheard of, and so is visiting the dentist. This is the case in Myanmar, previously known as Burma, that suffered a major flooding disaster in 2008.

To provide practical help, dental students from Witten/Herdecke university have been involved in a project for dental health in children since 2009.

The main aim is to provide material, financial and practical support for the work performed by the country’s dentists. Preservative treatments, dental prevention programs and information is offered for children in particular. To achieve this, a group of students travels to Myanmar at least once a year to provide help on site in cooperation with the local dentists.

In addition to dental expertise and mobile treatment units, this naturally requires a considerable amount of dental materials. As one of the main sponsors, DMG Dental Material-Gesellschaft from Hamburg significantly helps the aid project in this regard. “We are very pleased to be able to support this exemplary project with our materials as a premium partner,” says Dr. Susanne Effenberger, Head of Clinical Research at DMG. “After all, nothing will happen unless you make it happen—this is true in life and also in dental medicine.”

More information on the dental Myanmar project is available here: