Esthetic luting simplified: DMG introduces TempoCemID.

29 May 2018

TempoCemID is a premium composite cement for highly esthetic luting. This new DMG product is intended for temporary and semi-permanent luting of all types of provisional, prosthetic restorations. Outstanding characteristics: TempoCemID is invisible when it needs to be, yet is also detectable for dentists when required. The specific formulation ensures a highly esthetic appearance whilst also offering easy excess removal.

Invisible under restorations.

The color neutral cement visually adapts to the shade of the tooth when the provisional restoration is put in place and does not affect the shade of the restoration either. 

Easy detection for excess removal.

TempCemID's special translucence also means that any excess - even below the gum line - is easy to detect and remove in one piece.

The optimized consistency ensures easy handling: No sticking to instruments, a solid and complete placement of the restoration. The strong bonding agent provides security and helps to prevent leakage. Despite its optimal adhesion, the cement allows exceptionally easy removal of the restoration, without damaging the preparation margin or the restoration.

Because TempoCemID is eugenol-free, it is well suited for luting full-ceramic and composite restorations. Long-term temporaries are also given secure hold with this cement.

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