Less pain: Flairesse Prophylaxis varnish for sensitive teeth

02 May 2017

"Spezialist für hypersensible Zähne: DMGs Flairesse Prophylaxelack"

Hypersensitivity and exposed hypersensitive cervical areas: Practitioners face special challenges when treating patients suffering from this.

This is where Flairesse can bring significant relief. The special varnish from DMG’s Flairesse Prophylaxis line seals dentine tubules quickly and reliably. It desensitizes and is therefore a true winner for hypersensitive teeth.

Just like the other Flairesse system components, the varnish contains xylitol and fluoride. The sugar substitute makes plaque less cariogenic. Its cariostatic and anticariogenic effect is proven by clinical studies. This prevents the bacteria from clinging to the surface of the teeth as biofilm.

The clear varnish is not visible on the teeth. It contains no sugar additives and has a pleasantly fresh taste, in the flavours “mint” or “melon”. Becoming pain-free the pleasurable way.