New: Quick and safe filling with Ecosite Bulk Fill

06 March 2017

As a modern definitive filling material, a packable bulk fill composite is the perfect alternative to amalgam. Ecosite, the newly developed posterior tooth composite makes it even easier for dentists to perform quality fillings quickly.

Extremely safe – without layering.

The material is applied in one step, with no time-consuming layering required. Curing performed reliably up to 5 mm – in only 20 seconds. The extremely low shrinking tension values of Ecosite minimize shrinking stress and ensure a durable and safe edge finish. The packable nano-hybrid composite also has excellent thixotropic properties which allow for a controlled adaptation to the cavity walls.

Easy handling.

The firmer material consistency ensures particularly convenient and precise handling. For practical work this means: easy shaping, safe contact point design and significant time savings in finishing.

The Starter Kit includes Ecosite Bond, a perfectly matched 1-bottle universal bond, which allows practitioners free choice when conditioning. Ecosite Bulk Fill is also perfectly compatible with other light-curing bonds of your choice. In addition, the functional color system with two esthetically pleasing all-purpose colors supports the incredibly intuitive and simple working.

Ecosite Bulk Fill makes standard care procedures significantly more easy.

You'll find more information about the new Ecosite at our stand at the IDS 2017, hall 10.1, or soon here on our DMG website.