Precision 3D drill templates? New Application Note for LuxaPrint Ortho now available.

21 June 2022

Drilling templates for highly accurate drilling? LuxaPrint Ortho from DMG now helps you do just that. LuxaPrint Ortho is a 3D printing material for producing individual high-precision drilling templates and is certified as a class I medical device. Our new Application Note – now available at – tells you how to achieve the best possible results.

The Application Note for LuxaPrint Ortho is a detailed and clear application guide in PDF format. It contains many illustrations and valuable, practical Tips & Tricks presented on a total of 28 pages.

This helpful guide also contains information on our validated DentaMile workflow, which you can use to easily and reliably achieve a result that meets the high requirements of a medical device. It also includes step-by-step instructions for creating a precision template – from scanning to post-processing the printed object.

As a LuxaPrint Ortho user, you can rest assured that your work will always be of the highest quality.

The LuxaPrint Ortho Application Note is now available as a freely downloadable PDF here.