DMG featured in the Clinicians Report list of the year’s best products!

08 December 2015

The December issue of the “Clinicians Report”, published by renowned dental expert Gordon Christensen, once again includes an overview of the top products of the year. We are proud to announce that DMG appears four times on this highly regarded list of recommended products.

DMG’s Silane and Ionosit-Baseliner are featured on the list of “Highly Rated Products” tested for the first time in 2015. Excitingly, Ionosit-Baseliner is recommended by an amazing 95% of testers!

Two further DMG products - TempoCem and Luxatemp Ultra (Luxatemp Star)** - are also included on the list of “Proven Classic Products”. This category is reserved for products that have set industry standards over the years and are used as a reference point when assessing new products.

We are particularly delighted that these reviews come from practicing dentists that work with the products on a daily basis. Thank you very much for your expert praise.


*Clinicians Report, December 2015, Volume 8, Issue 12

** "Luxatemp Ultra"is sold outside the USA under the name “Luxatemp Star”.