The Dental Wellness Trust and DMG in “Aesthetic Dentistry Today”

11 July 2018

The London dentist Dr. Linda Greenwall has been committed to improving children's oral health in the townships of her native Cape Town for a long time. For this reason she founded the Dental Wellness Trust in 2011. Among other things, the non-profit organization promotes the training and further education of oral hygiene coaches in order to raise awareness of proper dental care.

DMG has supported the Dental Wellness Trust for many years. And we are pleased that the exemplary commitment of the organization is being publicly recognized. 

Currently, the journal Aesthetic Dentistry Today includes a two page article focusing on an aid project of the Dental Wellness Trust in South Africa, in which DMG is also significantly involved.

A pilot project is to investigate the extent to which regular fluoridation can reduce the frequency of caries among children in townships. A journalist joined the project team for a week. The project involved the Head of Clinical Research at DMG, Dr. Susanne Effenberger, Dr. Marcus Cebula and PD Dr. Michael Wicht from the University Hospital Cologne as well as Dr. Linda Greenwall and her team from the Dental Wellness Trust.

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