DMG 3Demax

High-precision, high-speed 3D printer for a wide range of dental 3D printing applications

  • Suitable for a wide spectrum of dental 3D applications
  • Large build area for the simultaneous manufacturing of several workpieces
  • Exceptionally high processing speed
  • Precision without compromise
  • Simple, material-saving handling and user guidance
  • Software-supported validation and reproduction
  • Outstanding price-performance ratio
  • Reliable service structure
DMG 3Demax

All-rounder for maximum process reliability

The compact 3Demax is a high-precision, high-speed 3D printer for a wide range of dental 3D printing applications. The individual printed objects are built up layer by layer through precision curing of the material matrix by computerized LED light transmission.

All possibilities in 3D

Thanks to ultrafine resolution and a generous build area, 3Demax can be used to produce drilling templates, burnout casting structures, mouth guards and occulusal splints, crowns and bridges, models and much more.

Maximum process reliability ...

Absolute safety and precision in the digital workflow is our top priority. The DMG 3Demax is extremely easy to calibrate, RFID technology (radio-frequency identification) ensures reliable, automatic identification of the material used. This prevents misapplications. In addition, process data for documentation can be transparently verified and traced at any point - important for documentation complying with the safety requirements of the Medical Device Regulation MDR.

... At every speed

The »Force Feedback« option accelerates the printing process by up to 50 %. Using a highly sensitive load cell, the Force Feedback program controls the removal process of the workpiece after curing. This controlled process enables a significantly faster pace compared to a standard program. The high-precision control minimizes the risk of misprints.

Technische Daten
Size (B/T/H) 335 x 349 x 541 mm    
Build area 130 x 75 x 90 mm    
Max. workpiece height 90 mm    
Native pixel resolution +/­ 34 μm    
Connections WLAN, TCP/IP, USB    
Weight approx. 33 kg    


The secret to an optimal digital workflow? Teamwork.

3D from a single source: In order to make successful work as easy as possible for you, DMG offers not only high-quality printers and matching materials but also a complete, coordinated system. The following additional modules are part of the 3Delite System:

DMG 3Dewash

Cleaning unit for precise cleaning of the printed objects. As part of the guided process implemented systematically and standardized.
The stored programs are tailored to indication and material.

Technical data

Size (B/T/H) 230 x 450 x 270 mm
Volume 130 x 75 x 60 mm
Working time between 4-8 minutes, depending on the material
Cleaning material Isopropanol, methyl alcohol, depending on material
Connections WLAN/LAN

DMG 3Decure

Curing unit for final curing as part of a monitored, controlled process. The material-dependent curing programs ensure process reliability for the production of a medical device according to product specification and documentation.

Technical data

Size (B/T/H) 230 x 380 x 270 mm    
Volume 130 x 75 x 60 mm    
Working time depending on the material    
Connections WLAN/LAN, USB    

Software DentaMile connect

In order to access the full digital potential for quality and added value, various devices need to be networked and fabrication processes must be digitally mapped and documented. The decisive factor for this, alongside the hardware and suitable materials: the right software.

With DentaMile connect, DMG offers a cloud-based solution, which makes the entire processing and fabrication procedure for an indication easier, faster and safer. The customizable software developed by DMG ensures that design and workflow in medical device production is secured and validated. Errors are minimized, new applications are made accessible without any additional technical effort. Highest data security is a matter of course. For more information and active involvement in the design of your software:


DMG 3Demax
1 Printer 3Demax REF 170315  
1 Force Feedback REF 170318  


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    Material Safety Data Sheet