A high-quality universal
composite system.

  • Restoration system for all cavity classes
  • Optimal shade selection based on VITA®
  • Lasting esthetics Wide range of materials
  • Convincing handling features
  • Excellent sculpting properties

Reliable, user-friendly and highly esthetic – the EcuSphere system satisfies all the requirements placed on a high-quality composite.

This composite line is characterized by the wide range of materials and by the large selection of shades with natural fluorescence. EcuSphere products facilitate long-lasting restorations, combining economic efficiency with superior esthetics.

The system consists of four different composites – EcuSphere-Carat, EcuSphere-Shape, EcuSphere- Shine, and the light flow EcuSphere-Flow – all specially developed for specific applications.



System-based layer technique

All EcuSphere products are optimally attuned to one another with regard to their material properties and complement each other well in order to obtain best results with the least amount of effort.

Consistencies and shades can be easily combined for the layer technique. Long-lasting restorations with a natural appearance are the result of your professional skill.

Compatibility with other DMG products

Compatibility with other DMG products
Contax Reliable self-etch bonding system
Secure, lasting adhesion to dentine and enamel
User-friendly application
TECO Reliable adhesion to hard tissue: 38 MPa*
User-friendly total-etch technique
Available as innovative »SilvR dose« single application or one-component variant
Ionosit-Baseliner Flowable, light-curing lining material
Controlled expansion to compensate for volume shrinkage
Reduces post-operative sensitivities


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