Honigum Pro Scan

  • Scannable: All Honigum Pro advantages for digital processing as well
  • Cost effective, easy, precise – without the need to purchase expensive technology
  • Reliable reproduction even of areas that are difficult to capture using an intraoral system
  • Sources of error when using conventional model preparation are eliminated
  • Elaborate saw-cut models are not required
Honigum Pro Scan


All types of impressions such as crown and bridge impressions, inlay and onlay impressions, all types of pickup impression (e.g., for implants), fixing of impression posts and transfer copings


Highest precision, without powder or spray

Impression precision made scannable.

There's nothing easier. The new scannable variants combine the superior properties of Honigum Pro with all the advantages of a digital workflow – with no need for pretreatment with scan spray or powder.
You can work in your clinic as you always have: conventionally, precisely, and reliably. Without any new technology or investments, all options are available to you. In the lab, accurate impressions can be captured digitally. Possible sources of error with conventional model preparation using plaster are eliminated. Elaborate and sensitive cut-saw model preparation is not necessary. The lab's digitalized data are available to you at any time. It is also no longer necessary to store plaster models or impressions.
The data permit the dentist and the lab to exchange information as early as the planning stage, regardless of location.Take impressions easily and precisely with Honigum Pro Scan for digital processing as well.


2 Cartridges @ 50 ml  
10 Automix-Tips  
  Honigum Pro-Light Scan REF 929984
2 Cartridges @ 50 ml  
4 Automix-Tips  
  Honigum Pro-Heavy Scan REF 929983
1 Catridge @ 380 ml  
10 MixStar-Tips  
  Honigum Pro-Heavy Scan REF 929981


  • Honigum Pro/Honigum Pro-Scan
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  • Honigum Pro-Light Scan
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