LuxaCam Composite

Very close to nature

  • Near-natural flexural strength and fracture toughness values for stability and long-term durability
  • Low-wear and tooth-friendly
  • No firing process necessary
  • Good polishing characteristics, outstanding esthetics
  • Natural chewing feeling
LuxaCam Composite

The target: to develop a LuxaCam composite material that perfectly fits in a patient’s mouth and harmonizes with healthy opposing teeth.

The solution: LuxaCam composite consists of a composite matrix of special polymers in which silicate glass filling substances are embedded. The ratio between the two materials is optimized so that the mechanical values correspond to the natural characteristics of the tooth in the best way possible. The highly compacted composite matrix allows for the creation of x-ray-visible, hardness-adapted and optimally elastic CAD/CAM material.

Like the real tooth

The mechanical strength of LuxaCam composite corresponds closely to natural tooth enamel. The flexural modulus of LuxaCam comes very close to the elasticity values of dentine. Stresses in the material, increased abrasion on the opposing jaw, and damage to opposing teeth can thus be avoided.


Easy to handle, pleasing appearance

LuxaCam Composite is prized for its esthetic appearance and excellent polishing characteristics.
The blanks and blocks are very resistant to chipping and cracking when sanding. They provide excellent stable edges and smooth surfaces for simply outstanding restorations.

Table-tops, inlays, onlays, veneers, partial crowns, crowns and bridges (also multi-unit, up to three bridge units)

Pre-treatment with suitable primers (e.g. Luxatemp-Glaze & Bond) and luting in conjunction with a dual or self-curing luting composite.


1 blank Ø 98.5 mm x 15 mm, monochrome    
  A1 REF 170007
  A2 REF 170008
  A3 REF 170009
  B1 REF 170010
  C2 REF 170012
  D2 REF 170013
  Bleach 2 REF 170011
1 blank Ø 98.5 mm x 20 mm, monochrome  
  A1 REF 170014
  A2 REF 170015
  A3 REF 170016
  B1 REF 170017
  C2 REF 170019
  D2 REF 170020
  Bleach 2 REF 170018
2 blocks @ 39 mm x 19 mm, monochrome    
  A1 REF 170000
  A2 REF 170001
  A3 REF 170002
  B1 REF 170003
  C2 REF 170006
  D2 REF 170005
  Bleach 2 REF 170004


  • LuxaCam Composite
    Material Safety Data Sheet
  • LuxaCam Composite - Ronde/Block
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