LuxaCam PEEK

Biocompatible versatility

  • Good biocompatibility, particularly suitable for allergy sufferers
  • High wearing comfort
  • Good fracture toughness, flexural strength and abrasion resistance
  • Radiopacity
  • Low thermal conductivity protects the healthy tooth substance
  • Odorless and tasteless
  • Compatible with standard veneering materials
LuxaCam PEEK

LuxaCam PEEK material is your specialist for particularly comfortable framework structures for long-term use.
The blanks are up to 80% polyether ether ketone. The lightweight and versatile high-performance resin impresses with excellent mechanical properties. It is also exceptionally biocompatible. The tooth-colored, metal-free LuxaCam PEEK blanks offer long-lasting security for a wide range of dental restorations. For crown frameworks or implant superstructure, for front or posterior region, firmly anchored or removable.

Biocompatible, comfortable wearing

A decisive advantage of LuxaCam PEEK is its excellent biocompatibility. Blanks are free from metal and monomers and are thus particularly well suited for allergy sufferers.
The composition of the material is toxicologically harmless and its low thermal conductivity protects the healthy tooth substance. A further advantage: Constructions made with LuxaCam PEEK are not only neutral in taste and smell, but also pleasantly lightweight.

Reliably stable

LuxaCam PEEK means reliance. The material is created for long-term use and therefore also correspondingly stable. Its good flexural strength and reliable fracture toughness support long-term stability as well. The material is also extremely abrasion-resistant.

Fixed dental prostheses:
• Crown and bridge structures in the front and posterior region (4-member designs with up to two intermediate elements possible)

Removable dental prostheses:
• Bar secondary structures
• Telescoping primary and secondary crowns and structures
• One-piece bases on primary sections with cover dentures
• Clamp-retained restorations (model casting)
• Prosthesis bases (e.g. for total prostheses) Implantology, individual abutments:
• Superstructures in the front and posterior region


With a suitable temporary cement or glass ionomer cement in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.

Pre-treatment with suitable primers (e.g. Luxatemp-Glaze & Bond) and luting in conjunction with a dual or self-curing luting composite.


1 blank Ø 98 mm x 12 mm, with step    
  Universal REF 170021  
1 blank Ø 98 mm x 16 mm, with step    
  Universal REF 170022  
1 blank Ø 98 mm x 20 mm, with step    
  Universal REF 170023  
1 blank Ø 98 mm x 25 mm, with step    
  Universal REF 170064  


  • LuxaCam PEEK
    Material Safety Data Sheet
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