LuxaCam PMMA

For long-term-esthetic temporaries.

  • Excellent esthetics using multilayer technology and good polishing characteristics
  • Natural translucency and fluorescence
  • Long-lasting color stability
  • Balanced hardness and flexural strength
  • Efficient fabrication, easy reproducibility
  • Plaque-insensitive
  • Available as blank or block
LuxaCam PMMA

LuxaCam PMMA is the ideal material for CAD/CAM-based milling of highly esthetic long-term temporaries.
The blanks and blocks – monochrome or multilayered – are more than 99% polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) and have a high level of material homogeneity.
With LuxaCam PMMA, you can generate esthetically pleasing temporaries, very economically: The CAD/CAM fabrication enables simple reproducibility of the restoration. The temporaries can easily be removed several times from the core, without fracture.

Layer for layer for highly esthetic results

The smooth surface of LuxaCam PMMA can be polished quickly and efficiently.
The blanks and blocks are also available not just in one solid color, but also in so-called multilayers. These blanks and blocks feature several coat layers. In this way, the restoration can be perfectly adjusted to the individual color gradient of the natural tooth.

Long-term stability

LuxaCam PMMA has a high level of form stability and is also very color-fast. The restorations can be worn for a period of up to several months without any change in shade.

Long-term temporary crowns and bridges, mock-ups

Luting is possible with all cements for temporaries.


  1 blank Ø 98.5 mm x 15 mm, monochrome  
  A1 REF 170041
  A2 REF 170042
  A3 REF 170043
  B1 REF 170044
  BL REF 170045
  E1 REF 170046
  1 blank Ø 98,5 mm x 20 mm, monochrome  
  A1 REF 170047
  A2 REF 170048
  A3 REF 170049
  B1 REF 170050
  BL REF 170051
  E1 REF 170052
  1blank Ø 98,5 mm x 25 mm, monochrome  
  A1 REF 170053
  A2 REF 170054
  A3 REF 170055
  B1 REF 170056
  BL REF 170057
  E1 REF 170058
  1 blank Ø 98 mm x 15 mm, multilayer  
  A1 REF 170024
  A2 REF 170025
  A3 REF 170026
  B1 REF 170027
  1 blank Ø 98 mm x 18 mm, multilayer  
  A1 REF 170028
  A2 REF 170029
  A3 REF 170030
  B1 REF 170031
  1 blank Ø 98 mm x 20 mm, multilayer  
  A1 REF 170032
  A2 REF 170033
  A3 REF 170034
  B1 REF 170035
  2 blocks @ 39 mm x 19 mm, multi-layer  
  A1 REF 170040
  A2 REF 170036
  A3 REF 170037
  B3 REF 170038
  C2 REF 170039


  • LuxaCam PMMA
    Material Safety Data Sheet
  • LuxaCam PMMA - Ronde
    Instructions for use
  • LuxaCam PMMA - Block
    Instructions for use