LuxaCam Zircon HT

Load-carrying capacity and esthetics are perfectly combined.

  • For framework structures and fully anatomical restorations
  • Cost-effective esthetic material alternative to base metals and partially veneered metal-ceramic
  • Substance-friendly, since reduced wall thicknesses are possible
  • High flexural strength
  • Veneering with commercially available bonding ceramics for zircon frameworks
  • Biocompatible
LuxaCam Zircon HT

Zircon LuxaCam HT (= high translucence) is your all-rounder among the zircon materials. This material combines high mechanical load capacity with excellent esthetics. Zircon LuxaCam HT enables the production of stable framework structures as well as esthetically pleasing dentures made of 100% zircon. No matter what restoration type selected: The fully anatomical restoration not only looks convincing, it also captivates with accuracy of fit and stability.

High resistance…

Zircon LuxaCam HT is an yttrium oxide-stabilized zirconium oxide. The polycrystalline
LuxaCam Zircon HT blanks have a very good flexural strength of over 800 MPa*. High edge stability and precise sinter results ensure reliable, accurate results.

…with an attractive exterior

The optimized micro-structure ensures good light conductivity and therefore also a high level of translucency. The tooth-colored, highly translucent blank is ideal for use for individualized shade. LuxaCam Zircon HT is also suitable for esthetic, fully anatomical restorations.

• Framework structures and fully anatomical restorations; in the front tooth region a maximum of four pontics can be placed between two bridge piers, in the posterior region a maximum of two
• Veneers, inlays, onlays
• Primary telescopes, bar constructions

Luting can be retentive, e.g. completed with a glass ionomer cement. A parallel-walled form of the preparation should be used. Alternatively, a suitable zirconia ceramic primer can be applied for the zircon restoration. Then simply apply the corresponding dual or self-curing luting composite according to manufacturer specifications.


1 blank Ø 98.5 mm x 14 mm  
  A1 REF 170100
  A2 REF 170101
  A3 REF 170102
  B2 REF 170103
  C2 REF 170104
1 blank Ø 98.5 mm x 16 mm  
A1 REF 170105  
  A2 REF 170106
  A3 REF 170107
  B2 REF 170108
  C2 REF 170109
1 blank Ø 98.5 mm x 18 mm  
  A1 REF 170110
  A2 REF 170111
  A3 REF 170112
  B2 REF 170113
  C2 REF 170114
1 blank Ø 98.5 mm x 20 mm  
  A1 REF 170115
  A2 REF 170116
  A3 REF 170117
  B2 REF 170118
  C2 REF 170119


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