LuxaCam Zircon LT

The stability champion.

  • Outstanding flexural strength
  • Excellent edge stability
  • For bridge structures with up to 16 members
  • Exact sinter results
  • Time-saving production
  • Veneering with commercially available bonding ceramics for zircon frameworks
  • Biocompatible
LuxaCam Zircon LT

When it comes to demanding, multi-unit framework structures, Zircon LuxaCam LT (= low translucence)
is your perfect partner. With its exceptional strength, the material enables delicate frameworks – stable and reliable, with high accuracy of fit. For the particularly fast and efficient processing of blanks, you can use the high-speed sintering process. The subsequent veneering can be completed using commercially available bonding ceramics for the zircon frameworks.

Extreme strength for maximum stability

Zircon LuxaCam LT blanks are made from yttrium-stabilized zirconium oxide. The material provides the highest fracture resistance and fracture toughness of all dental ceramics. In the dental technology of today, this material is used for almost all types of restorations. The high-strength material created in this way has an outstanding flexural strength. The high edge stability provides great security in the production of wide-span frameworks.

• Crown caps
• Bridge scaffolding up to 16 members (in the anterior region, a maximum of four pontics can be placed between two bridge abutments; in the posterior region a maximum of two pontics between two bridge abutments)
• Primary telescopes, bar constructions

Luting can be retentive, e.g. completed with a glass ionomer cement. A parallel-walled form of the preparation should be used. Alternatively, a suitable zirconia ceramic primer can be applied for the zircon restoration. Then simply apply the corresponding dual or self-curing luting composite according to manufacturer specifications.


1 blank Ø 98.5 mm x 16 mm  
  White REF 170144
1 blank Ø 98.5 mm x 18 mm  
  White REF 170145
1 blank Ø 98.5 mm x 20 mm  
  White REF 170146
1 blank Ø 98.5 mm x 22 mm  
  White REF 170147
1 blank Ø 98.5 mm x 25 mm  
  White REF 170148


  • LuxaCam Zirkon LT/HT/HT Plus
    Material Safety Data Sheet
  • LuxaCam Zircon LT - Ronde
    Instructions for use