Prosthetic emergencies? No longer a problem thanks to LuxaCrown

LuxaCrown – your simple and versatile partner

  • An affordable alternative to conventional crowns
  • Dental restoration due to ageing
  • Restoration of primary teeth
  • Dental restoration after root treatment
  • Temporary implant restoration
  • Protection against acid erosion (e.g. bulimia) and abrasion (bruxism) to support splinting of fractured teeth
  • Temporary restorations in complex cases


Long-lasting restorations have never been easier.

So versatile in its application

So easy and versatile: LuxaCrown

With the semi-permanent LuxaCrown, the fabrication of custom-fit, long-lasting composite crowns and bridges can be carried out directly at your dental practice. Safe and fast. For example for:

  • Emergency treatments where durable prosthetics can be produced in just one session with minimum contact.
  • Complex prosthetic treatments where semi-permanent restorations also offer a simple solution to long-span restorations and especially challenging cases.
  • Long-term prosthetics where a quick and cost-effective solution for bridging patient liquidity problems and allowing longer periods between visits is required.

What makes LuxaCrown so unique? The SupraLink Matrix

LuxaCrown is the first and only material for semi-permanent restorations.

  • This product innovation finally makes it possible to produce crowns and bridges directly from the cartridge that offer long-term stability and a wearing time of up to 5 years.
  • This is made possible by the unique internal structure developed by DMG: the SupraLink Matrix.  
  • With its special three-dimensional cross-linking, the SupraLink Matrix counteracts the propagation of micro-fissures by taking up stresses and absorbing them into the material. This “shock absorber effect” gives the material outstanding mechanical properties, which can be felt immediately after curing. No other material has ever felt like this – you have to experience it!

What does this mean for your practice?

LuxaCrown will become the material of choice for interesting fields of application, for example:

  • with implant restorations for bridging longer healing phases
  • in dental care following root canal treatment
  • in general, for difficult care situations and whenever a long-term observation of the therapeutic outcome is necessary
  • in geriatric dentistry when simple solutions are required in only one session.





1 Cartridge @ 50 ml, 15 Automix Tips    
  Shade A1 REF 110970  
  Shade A2 REF 110971  
  Shade A3 REF 110972  
  Shade A3.5 REF 110973  
  Shade B1 REF 110974  
  Shade B3 REF 110975  
  Shade C2 REF 110976  
  Shade D2 REF 110977  
1 Automix Dispenser Type 50 10:1 REF 110411  
45 Automix Tips Blue 10:1 REF 110409  


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