LuxaPrint Model

Light-curing 3D print resin for the production of dental models

  • Finest surface structure for perfect identification of details
  • Dimensional stability
  • Available in two colours: Beige and Grey
LuxaPrint Model

The base for precise work

The dental model is an important part of the digital workflow. LuxaPrint Model is a light-curing precision resin for the fabrication of various 3D print models – whether complete or partial models, with or without removable stumps, solid or hollow for esthetically demanding work.

Top class, mechanically and optically

The surface of models created with LuxaPrint Model is exceptionally fine, smooth and non-porous. The models offer a very high detail reproduction and excellent detail precision. The opaque color chosen allows for optimal identification of all model contours and preparation margins on stump models and provides the corresponding basis for highly precise dentures.

Thanks to maximum surface hardness and dimensional stability, the models meet highest demands for mechanical properties.


New: LuxaPrint Model Grey

In addition to the established “Beige”, LuxaPrint Model is now also available in “Grey”. High opacity and optimal contrast to the restoration offer a wealth of possibilities.




1 LuxaPrint Model BGE 1000g REF 170201
1 LuxaPrint Model BGE 500g REF 170200
1 LuxaPrint Model BGE 200g REF 170264
1 LuxaPrint Model GRY 1000g REF 170293
1 LuxaPrint Model GRY 500g REF 170292
1 LuxaPrint Model GRY 200g REF 170294