LuxaPrint Ortho

Light-curing 3D print resin for the fabrication of individual drilling templates with highest precision. Certified Class I medical device.

  • Exact fit of the drilling sleeve
  • Drilling template in accurate position
  • Clear transparent, for perfect control
  • »View« of the surgical field
  • Autoclavable, for high hygienic standards
LuxaPrint Ortho

What matters for drilling templates:

Precise drilling holes and exact fit. Especially for drilling sleeves. LuxaPrint Ortho, a highly transparent premium resin on methacrylate base offers reliable support. Its excellent flow properties and printing parameters streamlined for dimensional stability ensure an optimal design. The demand for sterility is no challenge for this material: It meets the high demands for an implant in all points.

Complete transparency

LuxaPrint Ortho is also characterized by its extremely high transparency: 99% transparency ensures the clearest view of your work area and full control.

Short printing times and low material requirements have the added benefit of making the fabrication in the lab pleasantly economical.


1 LuxaPrint Ortho 1000g (385 nm) Ref 170207
1 LuxaPrint Ortho 500g (385 nm) Ref 170206
1 LuxaPrint Ortho 200g (385nm) Ref 170256
1 LuxaPrint Ortho 1000g (405 nm) Ref 170209
1 LuxaPrint Ortho 500g (405 nm) Ref 170208
1 LuxaPrint Ortho 200g (405nm) Ref 170257