• 7 material specialists for 3D printing
  • Speed and highest level of precision
  • Real transparency
  • Easy to use and quick processing

High spirits in 3D

The LuxaPrint material family offers everything you could wish for when it comes to additive digital prosthetics. Pleasantly easy to handle, versatile use and reliable DMG high-quality.

7 material specialists for 3D printing

The LuxaPrint consists of 7 high-quality light-curing resins that can be processed without issue on all standard 3D printers. New standards are set, specifically when combined with the 3Delux high-speed printer.

Speed and highest level of precision

Faster is not always better. However, when quick printing is combined with extreme precision, work becomes significantly easier. With our LuxaPrint materials you can push the boundaries in both disciplines.

Real transparency

Complete view, where ever it’s needed. Thanks to their special material structure, LuxaPrint Ortho and Ortho Plus, for example, have a complete unprecedented transparency factor of 99%. This opens up new possibilities in the fabrication of drilling templates and guides.

Super easy handling

Care has been taken with each material to ensure very easy handling – both before and after printing. Production takes place quickly and precisely. The printed objects have a surface structure which is accurate in every detail and are very easy to clean.