Light-curing composite for temporary restoration using inlay preparations

  • Does not stick to the instrument
  • Removable in one piece
  • Improved chewing stability
  • Easy to model
  • 7 mm curing depth

User-friendly temporary restoration of inlay preparations

This light-curing composite is a specialist for fuss-free temporary restorations of inlay preparations. The material is formed directly in the mouth without an impression or matrix, cures immediately under light exposure and does not have to be cemented. Luxatemp-Inlay does not stick to the instrument thus making the forming process pleasantly easy.
Thanks to its 7mm curing depth, Luxatemp-Inlay can be applied in thick layers.

The optimal balance of hardness and elasticity guarantees extraordinary stability and easy removal in one piece.


2 Syringes @ 2,5 g REF 213015


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