New - LuxaPrint Base

  • High precision
  • Esthetic
  • Long-term stability
New - LuxaPrint Base

Light-curing 3D print resin for the additive production of prosthetic bases of all kinds in a digital workflow.

All the options, long-term

LuxaPrint Base is certified as a Class IIa medical device. This opens up many options for your digital workflow:  With this light-curing 3D printer resin you can manufacture reliable prosthetic bases for long term treatments – problem-free, safe and durable.

Use LuxaPrint Base for:

  • full dentures
  • intermediate dentures
  • partial dentures

Highly precise and esthetic

Accuracy of fit, latest state of the art: Compared with manuallyproduced prosthetic bases, LuxaPrint Base offers a better and consistently reproducible accuracy. The material‘s extremely low shrinkage is especially convincing and it has an exceptional dimensional stability.

The two colors – pink and dark pink – create a near-natural appearance. Another esthetic advantage: LuxaPrint Base is exceptionally easy to polish.