New - LuxaPrint Gingiva

  • Optimal elasticity
  • Highly tear-resistant
  • Reliable dimensional stability
  • Minimal shrinkage
  • Natural look
New - LuxaPrint Gingiva

Perfect imaging of the gingival condition

LuxaPrint Gingiva is your expert for precise gingival masks in a fully digital workflow. The 3D print material is dimensionally stable, tear-resistant and offers optimal elasticity. This ensures a lifelike simulation of the later situation in the mouth.

The elastic mask exhibits virtually no shrinkage and reliably shows you how the gingiva behaves in the mouth, on the implant, or at the edges of the crown.


The gingival color of LuxaPrint Gingiva comes very close to the real gingival coloration. The near-natural, esthetic gingiva look ensures harmony with ceramic layering.

Whether for implant work or esthetically challenging crown and bridge constructions: Discover the precise, fast-printing LuxaPrint Gingiva for your digital workflow.


LuxaPrint Gingiva (385)
1 Single-Print-Capsule REF 170279
1 Bottle @ 200 g REF 170278
1 Bottle @ 500 g REF 170240
1 Bottle @ 1000 g REF 170241
LuxaPrint Gingiva (405)
1 Bottle @ 200g REF 170288
1 Bottle @ 500g REF 170287
1 Bottle @ 1000g REF 170286