LuxaCam Zircon HT Plus

For the highest esthetic demands.

  • Excellent translucency for natural esthetics
  • Individual adaptation to the natural tooth thanks to 5 shade layers
  • Can also be used in the posterior region
  • Very good flexural strength
  • No increased abrasion to antagonists
  • No chipping
  • Time-saving production, no paint or veneering necessary
LuxaCam Zircon HT Plus

With its extra-high transparency, LuxaCam Zircon HT Plus is the specialist for esthetic restorations and an attractive alternative to lithium disilicate.

Your plus for optical options

LuxaCam Zircon HT Plus is an yttrium oxide-stabilized zirconium oxide. The microstructure of the polycrystalline material has been optimized in a special process, starting with the powder production, for an extra-high translucent appearance.

The blanks also consist of several layers of color. Thanks to this multilayer technology, the restoration can be precisely adapted to the individual shade gradient of the natural tooth. In addition to all the esthetic benefits, Zircon LuxaCam HT Plus also has a reliably high flexural strength.

• Esthetic, fully anatomical crowns and bridges with up to three bridge members (Front and posterior region)
• Veneers, inlays, onlays

Luting can be retentive, e.g. completed with a glass ionomer cement. A parallel-walled form of the preparation should be used. Alternatively, a suitable zirconia ceramic primer can be applied for the zircon restoration. Then simply apply the corresponding dual or self-curing luting composite according to manufacturer specifications.


1 blank Ø 98.5 mm x 14 mm, multilayer 1 blank Ø 98.5 mm x 14 mm, multilayer  
  A1 REF 170120
  A2 REF 170121
  A3 REF 170122
  B1 REF 170123
  B2 REF 170124
  C2 REF 170125
1 blank Ø 98.5 mm x 16 mm, multilayer  
  A1 REF 170126
  A2 REF 170127
  A3 REF 170128
  B1 REF 170129
  B2 REF 170130
  C2 REF 170131
1 blank Ø 98.5 mm x 18 mm, multilayer  
  A1 REF 170132
  A2 REF 170133
  A3 REF 170134
  B1 REF 170135
  B2 REF 170136
  C2 REF 170137
1 blank Ø 98.5 mm x 20 mm, multilayer  
  A1 REF 170138
  A2 REF 170139
  A3 REF 170140
  B1 REF 170141
  B2 REF 170142
  C2 REF 170143
2 blocks @ 39 mm x 19 mm  
  A1 REF 170149
  A2 REF 170150
  A3 REF 170151
  B1 REF 170152
  B2 REF 170154
  C2 REF 170153


  • LuxaCam Zirkon LT/HT/HT Plus
    Material Safety Data Sheet
  • LuxaCam Zircon HT - Plus
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