Luxatemp Star

Temporaries that last.

  • Substantially higher flexural strength and fracture toughness
  • Improved initial hardness
  • Great adaption and fit
  • Outstanding esthetics and color stability
  • Faster curing
  • High biocompatibility
  • Suited for long term temporaries
Luxatemp Star

For a look that's hard to beat.
Luxatemp Star.

For years, Luxatemp has been the material of choice for perfectly
fitting temporary crowns and bridges worldwide. With the
new Luxatemp Star, DMG has now made the best even better*!
Luxatemp Star impresses with outstanding flexural strength and
break resistance ratings and an improved initial hardness thus
making temporary restorations stronger and more stable than
ever before. The dauntless bite into a candied apple is no longer
a toughness test, neither for the material nor for the relationship
between the dentist and the patient. And, of course, something
that lasts should also look good for the duration. Luxatemp
Star’s exceptional long-term color stability ensures that. Another
plus: the material now reaches its final hardness even faster.
The advantages Luxatemp has long been known for, of course,
have not changed: highest esthetics and excellent workability.
Complementary to Luxatemp Star DMG offers a wide range of
other premium products for temporary care – from glaze
to cement.

* Reality now, October 2011, number 228, p.1.
** Luxatemp Star is sold in the U.S. as »Luxatemp Ultra« and was tested under that name by Reality.

How Luxatemp Star makes
the best even better.

About bending and breaking.

Luxatemp temporaries last because one focus in the product’s
development was mechanical stability. Besides its improved initial
hardness, Luxatemp Star impresses with top ratings for break
resistance and flexural strength and thus ensures even more stability
and durability.
Especially the flexural strength properties determine when a material
caves in and breaks. Ultimately, this is what the success of a restoration
is measured by because slight deviations can be vital, especially in case
of two- or multi-part temporaries.

Looking good for the duration

As its predecessor Luxatemp-Fluorescence, Luxatemp Star also
impresses esthetically. The material’s fluorescence is similar to that
of a natural tooth. 6 different shades give a dentist plenty of rope to
create a harmonious, natural overall picture. Especially beautiful: the
good impression lasts. Luxatemp Star’s excellent color stability gives
even long-term temporaries a lastingly attractive appearance.

Fits. Immediately.

Temporaries must fit – immediately and precisely, without lengthy
grinding and correcting. Luxatemp Star offers a perfect fit that is
dependable. The key to precision lies in the material’s superior
characteristics: optimal flow characteristics in the impression taking
process, extremely minimal shrinkage, low water absorption – all that
allows for precision work. And the practical Automix and Smartmix
systems simplify the mixing and the application process.

Perfect when everything comes together like that.



*Measurements: Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, PD Dr. Ing. Ulrich Lohbauer,
Fatigue behaviour of three provisional crown and bridge materials, 2010. Initial values after
2 weeks storage in dry and dark conditions.
** DMG internal measurements, stored in water for 28 days at 60 °C.

An entire family for perfect temporaries.

Luxatemp Star: A new level of temporary restorations

This outstanding material impresses with excellent flexural strength
and break resistance and is well-suited for long-term temporaries as
well. Besides Luxatemp Star, DMG offers the tried and tested
Luxatemp-Automix Plus and Luxatemp-Solar, a dual-curing
variant with a long rubber-elastic phase particularly applicative for
multi-part restorations.

LuxaFlow Star: Esthetic add-ons and repairs

A fluid, light-curing composite specifically developed for temporary
restoration add-ons and repairs. Also well-suited for smaller fillings and

Luxatemp-Inlay: The quick solution for inlays

A light-curing composite for temporary restorations of inlay
preparations and temporary closures of implant screw access canals.
Luxatemp-Inlay combines the advantages of elasticity and easy
removal in one piece.

TempoCemNE: Temporary cementations for all situations

The eugenol-free temporary luting cement with its thin film thickness
is well-suited for all applications, regardless of whether the definitive
cementation is conventional or adhesive.

Luxatemp-Glaze & Bond: High gloss shine without polishing

Light-curing one-component varnish that gives the temporary a natural
shine and helps reducing plaque formation.

LuxaForm: The most user-friendly impression material

The time-saving thermoplastic impression polymer: tablets are simply
warmed in warm water and formed around the teeth to be restored.

Physical properties Luxatemp Star
Insertion in the mouth [min]
Removal from the mouth [min]
End of setting [min
1:30 - 2:30
Compressive strength after 24 h [MPa]
Flexural strength after 24 h [MPa]
Tensile strength after 24 h [MPa]
Barcol hardness after 24 h 59
Water absorption [μg/mm³] 10


Luxatemp Star Smartmix
1 Smartmix-syringe @ 15 g  
10 Smartmix-Tips  
  Shade A2 REF 110901
  Shade A3 REF 110902
  Shade B1 REF 110904
  Shade Bleach Light REF 110905
1 Automix-Dispenser Type 50 10:1 REF 110411
1 Automix-Plunger 50 10:1 REF 110412
45 Automix-Tips Blue 10:1 REF 110409
50 Smartmix-Tips Green REF 110724
  Luxatemp Star Automix  
1 Cartridge @ 76 g  
15 Automix-Tips  
  Shade A1 REF 110906
  Shade A2 REF 110907
  Shade A3 REF 110908
  Shade A3,5 REF 110909
  Shade B1 REF 110910
  Shade Bleach Light REF 110911
  Economy Pack  
5 Cartridges @ 76 g  
75 Automix-Tips  
  Shade A2 REF 110912
  Shade A3 REF 110913


  • Luxatemp Star
    Material Safety Data Sheet
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    Instructions for use