Try Ecosite Elements with our Intro Bundle

We are pleased to offer the Ecosite Elements Intro Bundle to UK dental professionals for just £99 + VAT.

No matter how good a new product seems, it can be expensive to make the switch from something that you trust and may have been happily using for a while. However, dentistry is a fast-paced industry and part of that means clinicians are able to enjoy the latest products and materials that are born out of ground-breaking research and technology.  

That’s why we are pleased to offer the Ecosite Elements Intro Bundle, to enable clinicians to use our new composite system without breaking the bank. We are confident that you will love the product and want to make the switch, which is why we have made it as easy as possible for you to try it out for yourself.

Ecosite Elements enjoys an intelligent shade system to offer excellent aesthetics, unique handling thanks to the Push-and-Flow effect, and supreme polishing due to the NC1 technology developed by DMG.

The Ecosite Elements Intro Bundle contains 1 x A2 syringe 4g, 1 x EL syringe 4g, 1 x EB syringe 4g and 1 Layered Shade Guide and costs £99 + VAT. Email info(at) to order yours today.

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