DMG online seminar: ‘Layering technique vs. bulk fill: simplified posterior restorations’

11 October 2022

Direct composite restorations in the posterior region are an everyday treatment method. Alongside the accepted benefits, however, the composites used have a number of drawbacks compared to the old silver amalgams: sensitivities, marginal discolouration and secondary caries are common and recurring problems.

This 90-minute event introduces a simple technique that enables quick and easy production of natural-looking class 1 and 2 restorations requiring little or no occlusal adjustment.

The event will include discussion on a layering technique with simplified instrumentation, a protocol to reduce polymerisation shrinkage, preoperative evaluation of the occlusal scheme and many other valuable and practical tips.

The speaker is the renowned English aesthetics expert Jason Smithson, founder and former President of the British Association of Private Dentistry.

The event will take place on 19 October. Participation is free.

You can find more information and a link to the online registration here.