DMG Retraction Paste

Your uncomplicated impression aide

  • Easy access directly into the sulcus by individual and flexible cannula
  • Remains secure in the sulcus thanks to optimum consistency
  • Good color contrast due to striking coloring.
  • Effective gingival made from a base of natural alumina
DMG Retraction Paste

Every accurate restoration relies on a precise impression. DMG Retraction Paste is particularly helpful here:
Temporary sulcus widening has never been this easy or this effective – and it includes an astringent effect on the gingiva.

The newly developed compule made of special resin can be bent just as desired. You can be shaped to your preferred bend and work well everywhere in the patient’s mouth.
The homogeneous consistency of DMG Retraction Paste is optimally adjusted. Thanks to its high-level stability, the paste remains in the spot where it was applied and once there, it takes effect optimally.

Temporary marginal gingival retraction and provision of a dry sulcus environment.


25 Syringes @ 0,37 g REF 919381


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