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Honigum Pro

The precision VPS material enables unparalleled flowability under pressure – AND outstanding stability when pressure is not applied. Even the smallest spaces such as the area beneath the preparation line are reliably reached, also in moist conditions. In combination with the outstanding toughness that ensures effective removal, Honigum Pro reliably delivers maximum precision impressions. In particular for prosthetic implant restorations too.

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Honigum is the globally successful product range for a wide range of impression tasks and techniques. From monophase, double mixing or corrective impressions, to the fixation of impression posts in implantology, you can rest assured you’ll find the right material in the Honigum family. Honigum overcomes differences: It is flowable and stable at the same time, and offers a comfortable working time with a short setting time in the mouth.

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Silagum has been known for decades as a tried-and-tested and reliable VPS-based precision impression material. Each single product of the Silagum line is characterised by its exceptional material properties and ease of use. Thanks to its high elasticity, Silagum has excellent recovery after deformation. It’s very good hydrophilicity and thus improved wettability yields sharp reproduction of subgingival areas.

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StatusBlue is the VPS impression material for all preliminary impressions. The material combines the beneficial properties of an alginate, such as a short setting time in the mouth, hydrophilicity and easy removal, with the advantages of a VPS, including crisp detail, recovery after deformation and dimensional stability. StatusBlue is also characterised by a long-standing stability in storage and thus enables pouring out multiple times.

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LuxaForm ensures quick impression-taking for fabricating temporaries.
The thermoplastic impression material saves time, since the tablets are simply warmed in warm water and formed around the teeth to be restored. No mixing and no impression tray required. LuxaForm is stable in storage and odourless.

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