• Hochviskos, beinahe stopfbar
  • Exzellentes Handling
  • Kein Kleben am Instrument
  • Gute Kavitätenadaption
  • Hohe Standfestigkeit
  • Natürliche Fluoreszenz

Specially for areas with high chewing loads

Specially developed for areas with high chewing loads, EcuSphere-Carat fulfills the highest requirements with regard to both its mechanical material properties and its processing parameters.

Highly viscous, tampable, and non-adherent, EcuSphere-Carat is very pleasant to work with; a fact that was confirmed by 83 % of the participants in a survey among practicing dentists.

Besides the material’s outstanding adaptation capacity, EcuSphere-Carat is very easy to form. Precisely-adjusted abrasion parameters prevent damage to antagonists.

Features Benefits
User-friendly handling Does not stick to the instrument
Good adaptation to cavity walls
Excellent stability
Perfect mechanical properties No antagonist abrasion
High stability, tampable
Long-lasting, fully functional restorations


20 Safetips @ 0,3 g  
  Shade A1 REF 220323
  Shade A2 REF 220271
  Shade A3 REF 220322
  Shade A3,5 REF 220270
1 Syringe @ 3 g  
  Shade A1 REF 220287
  Shade A2 REF 220267
  Shade A3 REF 220285
  Shade A3,5 REF 220266


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