The perfect combination for your prophylaxis: Flairesse

  • The perfect combination for all prophylaxis steps
  • Reliable protection due to xylitol and fluoride
  • 3 flavors for combination

Protection instead of filling. Preservation teeth instead of drilling.

Not only dentists emphasize the preventive approach. More and more patients do the same. Professional tooth cleaning at the dental office plays an important role.
This is exactly where Flairesse, by DMG, sets in.

This new prophylaxis system offers a paste, foam/gel and varnish from one single source – the perfect combination. They contain xylitol and fluoride.
No added sugar and three fresh flavors. Your patients will be amazed.

The earlier the better with DMG.

Modern dental practice tries to encourage minimally invasive therapy. DMG follows this trend already with »Icon«. The world's first caries infiltration product can stop early caries without drilling before, it becomes a problem.

The professional prophylaxis program Flairesse takes this idea of systematic preservation one-step further.

Mix your flavors.

Combine strawberry with melon. And add a little kick with a hint of fresh mint. Who says that professional tooth cleaning cannot be creative?!

With its three flavors, prophylaxis with the Flairesse system becomes a pleasurable experience.

Better taste means better acceptance.

Contains Xylitol.

Flairesse contains xylitol – a sugar substitute that reduces the cariogenicity of plaque.

Its cariostatic and anticariogenic effect is proven by clinical studies. Good to know: Streptococcus mutans and many other acid-forming bacteria cannot metabolize xylitol – and they die. This prevents the bacteria from adhering to the surface of the teeth as a biofilm.

Promotes remineralization.

There is no question that fluorides are important for healthy teeth. They prevent demineralization, promote enamel remineralization and increase the resistance of enamel against acid attacks. For these reasons, the entire Flairesse line contains fluoride.

Read more on the next pages about the concept of a complete system and the perfect combination of its components.

Four pros for prophylaxis.

Flairesse is more than just another product.

The prophylaxis line consists of four experts, with different tasks. The individual components build on one another and together they cover, step-by-step, the entire process of a professional tooth cleaning prophylaxis.

However, you can use the products individually and still be effective. Or you can combine them with others. The choice is yours.

But first things first.

Professional prophylaxis can do more than cleaning. Even, if this is indisputably a key factor. Flairesse is the specialist for every step: You have a paste to remove plaque and discolorations.

Gel or foam to strengthen the enamel – whatever your personal preference.

And a varnish, for dependable protection and desensitizing.

All of these products are free from known allergens and taste pleasantly fresh.