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The Silagum family offers VPS-based impression materials that have been tried and tested for decades. The materials have excellent recovery after deformation. The excellent hydrophilic properties ensure sharp reproduction of subgingival areas.

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Silagum – tried-and-tested and reliable

Silagum is characterised by excellent hydrophilic properties. This ensures excellent adaptation to the tooth structure and the mucous membrane, and sharp reproduction of subgingival areas.

Silagum is highly elastic and has excellent recovery after deformation or a very low compression set. This makes removal from the mouth easier. Any deformation that occurs will assuredly recover, thus ensuring precise dimensional reproduction.

The Silagum line is characterised by excellent material properties and simple application, and it can be used for any technique. Various forms of application are available – from manual mixing and the practical Automix cartridges, to fully automatic mixing and application with the MixStar eMotion.

The Silagum family – four tried-and-tested specialists for your everyday work

Silagum Light

Silagum Light is characterised by an easy-to-work viscosity and is ideally suited to the second phase of the correction technique or the double mixing process.

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Silagum Putty

Silagum Putty impresses with excellent dimensional stability and convenient setting behaviour. The pre-impression material is available in the MixStar cartridge and in the traditional putty jars.

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Silagum Mono

Silagum Mono is the product of choice for single-phase and one-step impressions and is suitable for fixation impressions as well as for impressions of crown and bridge preparations.

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Silagum Medium

Silagum Medium is versatile thanks to its medium viscosity – for two-phase impressions and the only material for relining underfillings.

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