Honigum Pro.
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Honigum Pro

Stability on the one hand – flowability on the other? In this respect, our premium impression material Honigum Pro does not make any compromises. The result: maximum precision, clean handling. No dripping during application, no undesirable run-off.

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Honigum – stays where you need it – flowable when you want

The precision VPS material enables unparalleled flowability under pressure – AND outstanding stability when pressure is not applied. Even the smallest spaces such as the area beneath the preparation line are reliably reached, also in moist conditions. What makes this possible is the rheologically active matrix developed by DMG.

The flow behaviour in moist conditions is decisive for the accuracy of the impression – we at DMG have developed our Honigum Pro accordingly. The combination of Honigum Pro Heavy and Honigum Pro Light shows superior flow behaviour in the area of the subgingival preparation line. The reason behind this is the combination of improved hydrophilicity and unique rheological behaviour.

During treatment with Honigum Pro, you have enough time for working while keeping the time in the mouth short – thanks to DMG’s ‘Snap-Set’ technology. This minimises stress and reduces distortions and inaccuracies by shortening the cross-linking time*. Despite this, the viscosity remains constant for relaxed working over an extended period of time. For the patient, too, this means far more comfortable treatment.

To ensure the material can be removed safely from the mouth without tearing the impression, it must be suitably tear-resistant and stretchable too. Thanks to its extreme tear resistance, Honigum Pro guarantees this. Unnecessary repetitions and costs for the dentist, not to mention stress on the part of the patient, are therefore avoided.

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