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  • One-step precision
  • Precise reproduction of the preparation line
  • Finest surface details
  • Lower final hardness
  • Balanced hydrophilicity

VPS-based mono-phase impression material

Honigum-Mono was specially developed for mono-phase technique to facilitate high precision impressions in only one step.

Specifically tailored to the dentists’ needs the material is available in three different application systems: as hand-mix,
in the practical 50 ml Automix cartridge, and in the ready-to-use, pre-filled 380 ml MixStar cartridge.

Extraordinary rheological matrix

Thanks to the rheologically active matrix Honigum-Mono offers the tray stability equal to a heavy-bodied material. At the same time, Honigum-Mono attains flow characteristics around the preparation like those of a light-bodied impression material (see graphic)*.

The precision formula

Low shear stress
= high viscosity
= stable like a heavy-bodied material

High shear stress
=low viscosity
= flowable like light-bodied material

Such accurate impression results with only one consistency – Honigum-Mono.

*C.Luu, and C.Angeletakis, Kerr Corporation, Orange, CA, USA, Shear Thinning Behavior of Silicone Impression
Materials, Poster#1849, IADR Honolulu, Hawaii, 2004.

Features Benefits
High stability und outstanding flow characteristics
in only one phase
Precise reproduction of the preparation line
Finest surface details
Excellent hydrophilicity Optimal penetration into the finest areas
Lower hardness Easy to remove from the mouth and the gypsum model


Economy Pack
8 Cartridges @ 50 ml  
20 Automix-Tips  
20 Intraoral-Tips REF 909834
5 Cartridges @ 380 ml  
50 MixStar-Tips REF 909569
1 MixStar-eMotion 230 V Int. REF 900480
1 MixStar-eMotion 230 V GB REF 900483
1 MixStar-eMotion 230 V NZ/AUS REF 900484
1 MixStar-eMotion 115 V Int. REF 900482
50 MixStar-Tips REF 909567
1 Automix-Dispenser Type 50 1:1 REF 909507
50 Automix-Tips Green 1:1 REF 909490
50 Intraoral-Tips Transparent REF 909400
1 Bottle @ 10 ml Tray-Adhesive REF 909394
2 Cartridges @ 50 ml  
4 Automix-Tips  
4 Intraoral-Tips REF 909830
2 Tubes @ 135 ml  
1 Mixing pad  
2 Tube keys REF 909551
1 Cartridge @ 380 ml  
10 MixStar-Tips REF 909568


  • Honigum
    Material Safety Data Sheet
  • Honigum-Mono
    Instructions for use