• Unique Snap-Set technology (long working time and short time in mouth)
  • Excellent recovery after deformation
  • Superb dimensional stability

Hand-mix precision VPS in putty consistency

Snap-Set technology

Thanks to the DMG-developed Snap-Set technology the new Honigum-Putty offers a so far unrivaled combination of comfortable working time and short time in mouth. Its generous working time reduces the »mix stress« to a minimum. Deformations due to already set material are prevented, and micro movements are reduced by the quicker cross linking (see »Snap-Set« in graphic). For the patient the shorter time in mouth translates into significantly more comfort during the treatment.

Excellent recovery after deformation

Honigum-Putty offers extraordinary recovery after deformation thus facilitating a precise reproduction of the oral situation. A precise detail reproduction is guaranteed.

Features Benefits
Snap-Set: Comfortable working time Prevents mixing stress No premature setting of the material
Short time in mouth High patient comfort Reduced micro movements
Excellent recovery after deformation Highest precision


Economy Pack
5 Cartridges @ 380 ml    
50 MixStar-Tips REF 919375  
8 Jars @ 450 ml    
  Honigum-Putty Soft REF 919369  
  Honigum-Putty Soft Fast REF 919370  
  Honigum-Putty Rigid Fast REF 919371  
1 Cartridge @ 380 ml    
10 MixStar-Tips REF 919374  
2 Jars @ 450 ml    
  Honigum-Putty Soft REF 919364  
  Honigum-Putty Soft Fast REF 919365  
  Honigum-Putty Rigid Fast REF 919366  


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